Successful Autumn Horticultural Show at Tatsfield

THS Autumn 2023 Show – Dave Bishop

There was the usual welcome from “Doorman Roy” at last Saturday’s colourful Tatsfield’s Autumn Horticultural show when the whole Village Hall was packed with so many people all enjoying some 250 exhibits whilst having cake and tea’s from 3-5pm.  The whole layout was superbly done and all exhibits were seen in different categories with written labels to explain the names of exhibitors and how they had faired with the judges.

THE TEAM: Three super people very important to any show (L-R) Roy “Doorman” Bell, Martin Allen – with many hats including Tandridge District Councillor and top composer maker and Kim Jennings a super top and much loved lady who is the Parish Councils Chairman and off with partner Alan for two weeks dream holiday in the USA

The Hall had been open earlier in the day for the people to come and place their wares which included many flowers and vegetables, pictures and photographs all on lined up on nicely covered tables. Exhibits were up on the stage as well filling the whole place with much to see and admire.

The outside temperature was some 30 degrees Centigrade but inside our Hall the air-conditioning making it the place to go. The whole team of grafters who made it all possible was under the direction of the magic Sue (spread sheet) Warren again with just every detail topped and tailed long before the doors were opened.

The team of very hard working ladies in the kitchen included Liz Armatage – Sue Warren and Jan Maynard plus other helpers. Jon Allbutt Mc’s the event along with Martin Allen and Peter Maynard who were doing almost everything that suddenly needed doing and the special guest was one of our Parish councillors – the popular ex-Army captain Simon Cook.

KITCHEN TEAM: The kitchen queens at the Tatsfield’s Horticultural show last Saturday who went modern and used plastic/paper plates and mugs and saved hours of washing up (L-R) Sue Warren, Liz Armatage and Jan Maynard

Jon introduced everyone to Simon though the superb Public Address system which was clearly heard who in a short speech said “Five years ago we opened the Tea Shop and stores in the Village and seeing here today the most important things today is the amount of organisation of events – not just this event but other events such as the flowers for sale on the green – there are an awful lot of people – a lot of them are in this room – who are responsible for them.

“Not just that but with the art group and so on and so forth. So if you wouldn’t mind put your hands together and say thank you to those people.”

There was a great round of applause. Simon went on with: “Most important today, looking around the room, are the terrific entrants and nice to see that we’ve got monkey puzzle and the standards of presentations are absolutely fantastic. So with that I think you should all give yourselves a round of applause – a pat on the back and well done everybody.”

TWO TOP PEOPLE: The Horticulturists top “mic” man Jon Allbutt along with the spread sheet queen and show organiser – Sue Warren

This short opening speech was given a great round of appreciative applause. During the afternoon Jon Allbutt did the occasional informative pieces until the prize giving time was announced. This part of the show gives everyone a chance to see who has won a cup or trophy and in what category.

With Simon Cook presenting the awards the winners came up on stage to receive trophies as follows:

  • The Presidents Challenge Cup – in Horticulture and the Club Challenge Cup – in Vegetables to – David Hadden
  • The Elizabeth Challenge Cup – in Flowers Harry Shrub Memorial – best Dahlia to – Alan Armatage
  • The McHugo Trophy for Fower Arrangement and the Clark Cup – best Flower Arrangment to – Pat Walsh
  • The Slater trophy for Crafts to –Ann Clark
  • The Peter Warner Trophy for Art to- Leslie-Miller Angela
  • The Jeff Bloxham Trophy for Photography to Hillary Harber
  • The Tom Balck Cup for Domestic – The Ron Draper Award for Best of Vegetable – The Tony Erbes Cup for Best Onion – the Allotment Trophy for fruit and Vegetables – all go to Peter Maynard
  • The Tatsfield School Cup for – Juniors – go to Baddura Nikita
SECOND PLACE: The Little Acorns Gardening clubs children came second with their super display.

There was one entrant from the Tatsfield’s Little Acorns group in Tatsfield, sent in by Bryony Minds: “The Little Acorns Gardening Club began last week. During the first session the children had lots of fun preparing their entry for the Tatsfield Horticultural Society’s Autumn Show.

“The category they entered was ‘Flower Arranging’ – A posy of flowers from the garden and placed in a jamjar. The children decorated jars with their name and stickers of various garden bugs, finished off with a ribbon.

“The jars were then filled with dahlias, chrysanthemums and verbena, cut and prepared by the children. During next week’s Gardening Club, the children will be delighted to find out that they were awarded second place and have kindly been given a packet of sweets each by the Horticultural Society.

“Planning has already begun for Little Acorns’ entry into the Spring Horticultural Show!”

This year’s cracking show was ended with the great fun event of auctioneering many of the items that had been on display and donated to this end of show fun event for Jon Allbutt to offer everything for “silly money”. It went well – as it always does – great fun as usual.

WINNERS: The super winners of this year’s annual Horticultural Autumn show held at Tatsfield’s Village Hall last Saturday – a great event and very worthy winners

The group picture taken on stage shows the year 2023 Horticultural winners and they are Alison Cole Pat Walsh Becky Walters on behalf of Monkey Puzzle – David Hadden – Simon Cook -Hilary Harber Greg Clark (for Ann) Leslie Angela Miller – Peter Maynard – Jon Allbutt -Alan Armitage and kneeling Geraldine and Nikita Badura. So ended a wonderfully successful show and everyone – just everyone must have gone home afterwards very satisfied.

What a day and well done all of you. But that’s what Tatsfielders do!

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