Autumn 2021 Show Awards

Trophies awarded to the competitor securing most points in the section stated:

PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE CUP. Horticultural Sections: David Haddon
CLUB CHALLENGE CUP. Vegetables Section: David Haddon    51 points
ELIZABETH CHALLENGE CUP. Flowers Section: Alan Armitage   27 points
THE McHUGO TROPHY. Flower Arrangement: Pat Walsh     10 points
SLATTER TROPHY. Crafts Section: Ann Clark    3 points
PETER WARNER TROPHY. Art Section: Angela Leslie-Miller     6 points
JEFF BLOXHAM TROPHY. Photography Section: Hilary Harber     8 points
TOM BLACK CUP. Domestic Section: Peter Maynard     4 points
TATSFIELD SCHOOL CUP. Junior Sections: Nikita Badura     8 points

Trophies awarded to the competitor with the best exhibit in the section stated:

RON DRAPER AWARD. Vegetable Section: Peter Maynard
CLARK CUP. Flower Arrangement Section: Pat Walsh
TONY ERBES CUP. Best onion exhibit: Peter Maynard
ALLOTMENT TROPHY. Basket of six fruit and/or vegetables grown on the Tatsfield
Allotments: Peter Maynard