THS Autumn Show 2021

Horticultural Autumn Show 2021 – Report by Sue Warren

The committee were very pleased to be able to put on a magnificent show and we had 181 entries. Thank you everyone who entered the Show for supporting the society – Bob David, Peter and Jan Maynard, Dawn Forrester-Groom, Alan Armitage, Barbara Hester, Tom and Bryony Martin, Alison Cole, Sara Williams, Pam Bishop, Christine Stainer and Monkey Puzzle, to name but a few.
The Village Hall looked magnificent, full of colour on a bright and sunny autumnal day. The committee acted as judges, and I thought they did a very good job. In the horticultural classes I was fascinated to see the measurements for the longest runner bean at 41cm long. The second prize missed out only by half a cm. Several measurements were made to ensure it was correct. The heaviest marrow weighed in at 9.1KG , Onion 365gms and Potato 292gms. The prize leeks grown by Pam Bishop also won the vegetable trophy for best vegetable in the show. All three entries in this class were of an exceptional quality. Our President Bob David scooped the two trophies in the Vegetable and Horticultural Sections.In the flower exhibits we had a new exhibitor, Alison Cole. She arrived with some massive decorative pink dahlias which looked simply stunning. I assisted her and hopefully we all made her feel welcome. All the cut flower classes were well supported and I took a special look at Alan Armitage’s chrysanthemums, as I love their scent. My father in law used to grow them, so I know how difficult it is to produce such spectacular blooms.
The flower arranging was supported by two of the regular church flower arrangers, Jan and Sara, which was lovely plus another exhibitor who is a huge supporter of the society, Dawn. The autumnal exhibits were a joy to see.
In the photography sections, there were some interesting photographs, and some had a Lockdown feel about them! There were more worthy winners.
In the art sections I am always amazed by our Tatsfield Talent. Those art classes held in the Village and Church Halls, are certainly working their magic, and the paintings are of a very high standard, which reflected the many hours of hard work achieved. Well done to everyone. Hopefully some of you will be encouraged to join them as well?
In the handicraft classes, one of the pieces of knitting caught my eye. It was a Cinderella doll. It was a two way knitting design which is hard to describe, but one doll looked like Cinderella before she went to the Ball, and the other was her Fairy Godmother designed dress. Simply fabulous; so well done Catherine for your patience and expertise.
Sadly we only had one entry in the Junior sections. I had the good fortune to talk to two of the Monkey Puzzle Team, and they are so inspired by the show, that they are going to support the Society in the spring. Please look out for the photo of the Painted Flower pot with the children.
In the Domestic sections we had a new class this time ’Pot to Plate’. This was very interesting, and some of the vegetable or fruit additions were courgettes, carrot and apples. I was so fortunate to be able to take home a huge slice of carrot cake which I enjoyed with a cup of tea. Other domestic goddesses were Barbara Hester and Byrony and Tom Martin.
Yes I know we didn’t have refreshments this time, but we will hopefully at the Spring Show.
Thank you everyone who visited and exhibited at the Show and the helpful ‘backup’ team of helpers; Paul Stainer, Cyril Bishop, Neil Warren, Jan Maynard, Ian Longley, Catherine Webber’s brother and sis in law, plus Ken Munday, who has updated our computer results system, which has been a huge work in progress. Well done Ken for all of your patience.
The prize winners are as follows
Presidents Challenge Cup Horticulture Bob David
Club Challenge Cup Vegetables Bob David
Elizabeth Challenge Cup Flower Sections Sue Warren
The McHugo Trophy Flower Arrangement Sara Williams
The Slatter Trophy Crafts Catherine Webber
Peter Warner Art Christine Stainer
Jeff Bloxham Trophy Photography Bryony Martin
Tom Black Cup Domestic Catherine Webber
Tatsfield School Cup Juniors Monkey Puzzle
Harry Shrubb Memoral Cup Best Dahlias Sue Warren
Ron Draper Award Best Vegetable Pam Bishop
Clark Cup Best Flower arrangement Jan Maynard
Tony Erbes Cup Best Onion Bob David
Allotment Trophy Fruit/Vegetables Peter Maynard

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