Titsey Evening Garden Visit

Evening Garden Visit to Titsey Place – Tuesday July 5th  –  Sue Warren

A small group of keen Tatsfield gardeners arrived at Titsey Place to a warm welcome from Rory Dryburgh, the Head gardener for the last 16 months.

Rory gave us a potted history of the Estate and then we entered the walled garden which was a joy to behold. The blue delphiniums were outstanding and we were led around the newly edged paths, through the various vegetables, consisting of potatoes, runner beans, carrots, leeks, beetroots, courgettes, pumpkins to name but a few, but Rory’s passion is garlic and onion growing. These were grown through a black membrane material to suppress the weeds. Rory found the idea from looking at U Tubes from Japan! The onions and garlic looked enormous, so it obviously works. There, were cages of various varieties of cabbages and lettuce, plus the fruit cages which made our mouths water. How I would love to be let loose amongst those raspberry canes…there are also ‘Cutting Beds’ and these are grown for the house. Rory had another idea of growing dahlias through hessian netting to save tying and staking. It seemed to be working. There were of course many wigwams of sweet peas-my passion and many more annuals, sunflowers, love lies bleeding, love in the mist.

Leaving the walled garden we walked past Rory’s garden cottage, down towards the big house, to the water fountain beds. The sun shone onto the water and the garden glowed in the sunset. We couldn’t have picked a better evening. Bluebird skies, pleasantly warm and no wind.

Finally we entered the rose garden. Rory says this is going to be a work in progress and has plans to plant a couple of trees to add structure, and maybe change some of the rose colour combinations. One half of the garden the roses are struggling but no one knows why, so they are experimenting with various other perennials.

We ended out tour with glasses of wine, nibbles and my homemade lemon drizzle cake which was still warm as freshly baked. There was a small amount left over which I passed to Rory to be shared out with his hard working team of gardeners.

Thank you Rory for a wonderful few hours enjoying the stunningly beautiful gardens of Titsey Place. An absolute joy.


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