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Composting Update April 2022

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who helped to make last year a record for the project. You brought in garden waste by the carloads and, with the incredible teamwork of the volunteers, we produced and sold a record volume of wonderful organic compost. My special thanks to the team who worked tirelessly and with great humour and goodwill throughout the season.

This project is important to the village in many ways and is one of the ways in which we can help with climate control. Whilst it is good practice to join in the Tandridge garden waste service as many do, it is in fact better to use the local, TCCG service. The carbon cost of you delivering your waste to us is significantly lower and it’s also a free service. Additionally, if you buy the compost that is produced by us, what you get is an organic product which is rich in nutrients and biodiversity. We add horse or chicken manure, as well as wood chippings to the garden waste and the end result is great for mulching beds.

Please consider joining our volunteer team. We are a genuinely fun group and there is no pressure or expectations on you other than doing what you can and joining in the wonderful spirit of the team. In addition, there is plenty of scientific evidence to show that this type of activity involving generosity of your time to your community, belonging and working with a group and also the outdoor physical activity all lead to significant gains in happiness and well being. It is almost selfish for you to join us – science says you will get a lot more back than what you will put in!

And if any of you or your family are participating in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, we would be delighted to have you join us this Summer. You have to be signed up through your school or a youth organisation who are licensed by the scheme. DofE volunteers have been a valued part of our team each year.

Volunteers must be over 16 years but we also welcome families with young children. How much time you put in is entirely up to you. What you do is also flexible – we appreciate anything that you can do to help.

If you wish to join or want more information, please contact me, Dilo, on 07709 357086 – text me first as I do not always respond to unknown numbers.

The service is available to all residents of Tatsfield village. The new season will begin in April and we are open from 10 am till midday, on most Saturdays. And, since we were at full capacity when the site was closed last autumn, we will have plenty of well-rotted compost available right away.

You can deliver garden waste including grass, hedge trimmings etc. Residents can buy compost at £2.50 a bag. Members of the Tatsfield Horticultural Society and the Tatsfield Allotments pay £1.50 per bag or £ 3.00 per wheelbarrow load. If you’re not a member of THS, it’s just £5.00 annually.

Have a happy gardening year.  Dilo de Alwis, TCCG  (This article was published in the Parish Magazine)

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